April Fools Fun 2017


For added effect, ask Alexa “Alexa, what is Petlexa?

Epic Skeletor

This one might actually be real…I think.


Dr. Ruth Readies for Blast Off!


Caffeine – The Science behind your morning cup of Joe

Cup of Coffee

Ever wonder if that morning boost does more than just clear up the fog?  Coffee is a great source of caffeine and comes with a number of added benefits such as warding off depression, various types of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s — which in my opinion outweigh the negatives associated with coffee drinking.  I’ve (mostly) given up soda and other soft-drinks, so coffee and cream (no sugar) is my primary source of caffeine now since it’s a natural way to get caffeine without any fake sweeteners or other chemicals.   Essentially,  I like to think of coffee as a dehydrated type of fruit juice.

I’ve never understood exactly how coffee and caffeine works.  This 4 minute science video explains — in an ever increasingly caffeinated way — what happens when caffeine hits your system, how the drug affects in your brain, and how much it would take to kill you.  Spoiler alert, it’s pretty tough to coffee yourself to death.

Rewinding the Magic at Magic Kingdom

I came across this really well done video while reading through articles on The Disney Blog. I know that the concept of reversing a video goes way back, including some black and white footage by Uncle Walt himself of milk bottles spontaneously fixing themselves, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time-lapse park video put into reverse.  Now if only it was also tilt-shifted. 🙂