Bacon Donut Cheeseburger (NYC)

Bacon Friday

It’s Friday! And Friday is BACON DAY!  This Friday I bring you the Bacon Donut Cheeseburger from the Crave Shack in NYC.   Not for the squeamish, this dish is called the Crave Doughnut Burger and includes a 1/4 lb beef patty, with cheese and “crave sauce” served on a toasted glazed donut.   It’ll run a very reasonable $6.50. The only cop-out is that it is Turkey Bacon. So then I suppose that classifies it as a health food, right?

You can add a Happytizer or two such as Onion Rings, Nuggets, Jalepeño Poppers or Nachos.  What about fries you say?  Well donchya know they have a number of options including Frenchie Fries – “Cuter than your average fries” (with or without cheese) or Seasoned Fries which are reported to be “Loads of fun.” The dessert and shake and float menu looks pretty enticing as well.

I’ve never been to the Crave Shack, but I’ll see if I can swing by next time in in NYC and feeling like I could use a little cardiac lubrication.

Crave Shack – the home of New York’s First Donut Burger – can be found at:

25-47 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11103

You can read more about the Crave Shack on the NY Daily News